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Indemnity Products: A critical defense

A Group Limited-Benefit Critical Illness Policy for Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, End-Stage Renal Failure and Major Organ Transplant

Plan A
Critical Defense offers benefits to help with the costs associated with critical illness when you or your insured loved ones are diagnosed with the following conditions: cancer, heart attack, stroke and end-stage renal failure. It even provides benefits for major organ transplant surgery!

Based on eligibility requirements, you can purchase coverage in $5000 increments up to $100,000 for you and each eligible family member.

Subsequent Critical Illness Benefit
This benefit is payable if the covered person suffers an additional illness not previously diagnosed. This payment is a onetime benefit which requires 60 days between illnesses.

Critical Illness Screening Benefit
This benefit pays $50 each year for each covered person for the following medical tests and procedures preformed at the direction of a licensed physician:

Chest X-Ray Colonoscopy EKG Pap smear
CA 125 Blood tests to confirm elevated cardiac enzymes CEA test for colon cancer Prostate-specific antigen test (PSA)
Thallium scan MUGA scan Mammography Neuroimaging studies
Hemoccult stool specium Stress echocardiograms Thermography Flexible sigmoidoscopy

Cancer Coverage

Cancer Indemnity insurance is available to members, spouses and children who are cancer free (usually for a period of 5 years prior to application). Provides a daily hospitalization benefit for cancer and specific benefits for riders such as ambulance and skin cancer. Numerous product (riders) and price variations are available and they exist by group/client such as First Diagnosis cancer insurance. Benefits reduce by half at age 65. There is a $300,000 lifetime maximum per insured.

Accident Plans

AccidentProtect ……………… What happens if you get hurt?
With health plans having deductibles of $1000 or higher, this insurance can help offset your deductible.
You and your dependents will be saved.

"I thought we had coverage for that!"

Accidents and injuries can happen at anytime. It is important to protect yourself and make sure you can get up and keep riding thru life. AccidentProtect offers off-the-job coverage for accidents. It also offers features to promote healthier behaviors. We have included an annual wellness benefit that covers an annual health screening test such as mammography, colonoscopy, and chest x-rays. No more excuses! Save yourself with AccidentProtect.

Understanding AccidentProtect
AccidentProtect is a group voluntary off-the-job accident only insurance policy, Individual and family coverage is available, and premiums can be payroll deducted.

Base Coverage offers:

  •  Accident Emergency Treatment
  • Follow-Up Visit and Physical Therapy
  • Initial Accident Hospitalization

Vision & Dental Plans

Attract and retain employees by providing cost-effective competitive benefits such as vision and dental coverage options.

Life Insurance

  • Group Term Life for members and spouses under age 60. Minimum of $50,000 to maximum of $250,000 in increments of $10,000. Also can include child coverage, waiver of premium, AD&D benefit, conversion privilege and accelerated living benefit.
  • Group Level Term Life for members and spouses between ages 18 and 70. Benefit amounts from $50,000 up to a maximum of $150,000. 10 year term renewable to age 95. $5,000 to $10,000 available per child. Simplified underwriting.
  • Senior Term Life is a guaranteed issue, level benefit life insurance plan designed to cover final expenses for members and their spouses ages 45 through 75. Termination is at age 100. Minimum of $2,000 to maximum of $25,000.
  • Student Term Life is an individual policy sold as a cross-sell to student accident coverage in amounts of $10,000. At age 25 the policies terminate and convert to a "conversion" policy (see below).
  • Conversion Life is a whole life paid-up at 65 policy and is automatically offered to policyholders with Student Term Life coverage at age 25.
  • Juvenile Life (SecureStart®) is an individual term life policy that automatically converts to whole life. Simplified issue from $10,000 to $20,000.