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Prescription Plans

Concierge Rx Standalone Prescription Drug Card

Concierge Rx Standalone Prescription Drug Card is an open, transparent and consumer directed part of an employee benefit package.
The employer is able to control down to the smallest detail of how the benefit works and most importantly what it costs.

Concierge Rx Defined

The Concierge Rx Defined program is for the employer groups that have or want a defined contribution plan design in place for their company's healthcare plan. Our program work great with HDHP plan designs from all "A" rated health insurance carriers.


  • You can define the Co-Pay Structure
  • You can define the Prescription Formulary
  • You can define the Max Annual Benefit
  • You can define whether you want a Mail Order Pharmacy Benefit
  • You can define whether you want a Retail Pharmacy Benefit

Concierge Rx Advantage

The Concierge Rx Advantage discount prescription card provides members discounts of 10% - 85% on brand and generic medications. The card is valid at over 65,000 participating pharmacies across the US which include all major chains and most independent pharmacies.