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Income, Choices, Solutions:
More of everything with
Healthcare Approach

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Income, Choices, Solutions:
More of everything with Healthcare Approach

With recent and future changes to Healthcare due to reform, this presents a great opportunity for agencies to move groups to a self-funded platform. By doing so, it creates sustainability for current income all the while being PPACA compliant. Our products are adapted so they can be used as an added layer on top of the Healthcare Insurance Exchange. As healthcare continues to change, HCA continues to adapt with the agent as priority.

More Income
To fully understand what Healthcare Approach does, it’s important to first understand what we don’t do.  HCA does not and will not compete with contracted agents.  We are a wholesaler ONLY for products backed by A+ rated and financially secure company.  HCA understands the financial strain that slashed commissions have caused agents/brokers throughout the health insurance market and we offer products that help recoup the losses with overly competitive commissions.  HCA pays contracted agent commissions that range anywhere from 10% to 20%.

More Choices
HCA offers real-world choices that were previously available to only a select few agents in specific fields.  Today, HCA offers these products to the wholesale market, allowing you to provide choices previously unavailable to your clients.  Now, through HCA, you can help self-funded groups, small groups down to two employees, seasonal and/or part-time employees, fully self-funded or partially funded prescription plans, TPA services and more.

More Solutions
Healthcare Approach was founded by several insurance brokers who recognized the need for options focused on reducing insurance premiums for their clients.  30 years of experience in the group health insurance arena have exposed HCA’s founders to the hardships agents and brokers face with providing affordable, effective solutions to their clients.  Their search for cost-effective solutions resulted in great success…and a savings of over 17 million dollars for their own clients WITHOUT decreasing employee benefits.  This same formula for success is made available to agents and brokers through Healthcare Approach.